Tromsø Arctic Pride Kick Off Vogue Party


In 2015 Kurant has the honor to host Tromsø Arctic Pride Kick-Off Party

It will be an evening with focus on VOGUE to acknowledge and pay tribute to the legendary dance that comes out of the queer black / Hispanic communities in Harlem, New York in the 80s

It will be an evening with vogue performance, dj:s, gold, goodies and education!

Meraki (osl)
Meraki = To do something with soul, creativity and love. To put something of yourself into your work.

We mix the feminine with the masculine, showing individuality and togetherness and how both are often equally important. We will perform the different styles and expressions within voguing and we promise loads of energy, power and fierceness.

Meraki is a dance group specializing in voguing. They are a group of professional dancers with distinctive personality who has found a common expression through voguing. Meraki has performed on "Stjernekamp" and made the dance performance "Home" at Dansens Hus in Oslo.

IMA READ (tsø)
Will arrange the second installment in an ongoing series of events focused on creating awareness, and facilitating a collective education, on the various theoretical and practical forms of feminism active in the world today.